Author Bios

Bob Filbin, Co-Editor

Bob is a data analyst in New York City. He works for a non-profit called, which engages young people in volunteering in fun and important ways. For the first time, Bob can confidently say he loves his job, because of 1) the people around him, 2) the work he does as an end in itself, and 3) the positive effects of his work.  (Points 1 and 3 have been present in prior jobs; it turns out point 2 is also crucial.) Besides crunching numbers, Bob writes, acts, and often eats bread and cheese for lunch, just like he imagines they do in Paris. His favorite vegetable is kale.

Elena Gustafson, Co-Editor

Elena recently moved to Sitka, Alaska, to work for the Island Institute, a literary arts and community engagement non-profit. She’s incredibly excited to interact with some amazing writers and use creative storytelling to explore community resilience. Elena is a graduate of Whitman College with a degree in Environmental Humanities, a combined major between environmental-studies and writing. Since graduation she’s been working on her own writing, including a book entitled Towards a Climate of Health that she hopes to find a publisher for within the year Elena also has eight years of experience with environmental and outdoor education. She loves working with youth in nature, learning from their unique perspectives in new situations, and helping them share stories of their experiences through art. In her spare time, Elena writes slam poetry, makes jewelry out of seed pods, and plays around in the kitchen. Gelato makes her very happy.

Camila Thorndike, Co-Editor

Camila organizes people around landuse planning and policy in the Tucson region.  Working in that insular desert town amidst Arizona’s political firestorms makes her appreciate national networks of thoughtful changemakers: ergo, Sustaining Change.  Since graduating from Whitman College in 2010, Camila has interned with the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution, served with the Watershed Management Group, and been involved with Green for All.  She is focused on staying human while working hard for big things. Follow Camila on Twitter: @camilathorndike

Lisa Curtis, Guest Blogger

A frequent blogger for Forbes and The Huffington Post, Lisa currently manages communications for Solar Mosaic and is working on starting a nutrition-focused social enterprise called Kuli Kuli. Previously, Lisa wrote political briefings for President Obama in The White House, served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Niger and managed communications for an impact investment firm in India.


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