About Us

We believe that changing the world in meaningful, positive, and lasting ways requires more than loving the world. Unless we also love and nourish ourselves, any changes we make in the world will be misguided and, in the end, ineffective.

This blog is a space for those who seek to make the world a better place to share ideas about the most effective and enduring ways to do so, keeping in mind that the most meaningful changes come from places of strength. If we aim to lift the world up, we would be wise to first plant our feet. Thus, we are here to discuss both how to overcome obstacles as well as how to realize opportunities for sustaining change.

So, please share a story of an experience that has either diminished or strengthened your ability to create change in the world, or, talk about ways in which you hope to sustain your ability to create change in the future. Take the time to reflect and inspire others with what you’ve gained from your thinking, prayers, fears, hopes, crisis, laughter, failures, success, stagnation, liberation or whatever else has been your experience.

All stories, questions, and comments can be sent to:

writetosustainingchange (at) gmail (dot) com

For more information on Sustaining Change, check out this post on the background of our group.


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